SYNCA Relax Rocking Chair wins GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2020

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Sometimes the best way to relax is with a gentle rocking chair

Relaxing-Rocking-Rhythm. A gentle swaying in a chair that’s contoured to the curve of your back - cradling you in comfort.
Sometimes you need to relax and unwind, sometimes a rocking chair just fits your mood, but every time it’s relaxing.

Hip Therapy

Hip TherapyHip Therapy

Incorrect posture puts a strain on your hips, pelvis, and lumbar. The SYNCA KAURI uses 6 compression therapy modules to massage and stimulate the left and right hips as well as the lumbar.
This massage helps reduce muscle tension and helps you maintain proper posture by adjusting the angles of the hips.

  • Normal Seating

    Normal Seating

  • Lumbar Therapy

    Lumbar Therapy

  • Seat Therapy

    Seat Therapy

  • Hip Therapy

    Hip Therapy

“Full course” shot at 10x speed

Rocking movement for a gentle core exercise

Rocking movement for a gentle core exerciseRocking movement for a gentle core exercise

A continuous back and forth movement is a subtle and relaxing way to get more core exercise.
Core exercise stimulate the muscles throughout the trunk of the body that promote positive posture, strength, and metabolism.
The KAURI’s movement stimulates the user to rock, move, and engage their core muscles gently helping them build and strengthen these regions.

Don’t want to rock? No problem.

Don’t want to rock?  No problem.Don’t want to rock?  No problem.

Insert the included stopper and you’ll be able to secure the chair in place for a stable seating position.

4 Relaxing massage therapy programs to boost your day

4 Relaxing massage therapy programs to boost your day4 Relaxing massage therapy programs to boost your day

A little bit of massage can go a long way towards relaxing you by stimulating blood flow and reducing muscle tension.

Full course

Full course

The perfect blend of waist, hip, and pelvis massage

Waist course

Waist course

A gentle rhythmic massage focusing on your waist

Hip course

Hip course

A soft pulsing massage throughout your hips

Pelvic course

Pelvic course

A relaxing massage throughout the pelvis that promotes joint mobility

Strong / weak buttons

Strong / weak buttons

Increase or decrease the squeezing massage to deliver the massage perfect for you

Product Specifications

Product name
KAURI Relax Rocking Chair BM350
Product Dimension
Approx. W640 x D700 x H670 ㎜ (W25.20 x D27.56 x H26.38 in)
Product Dimension
Product Weight
Approx. 7.5 kg (16.55lb)
Chair legs: Wood
Chair frame: PP+iron
Seat fabric: 90% polyester + 10% spandex
Rating voltage AC adaptor?
100-220V 50/60HZ
Rated power
Approx. 10 minutes
Warranty period
1 year from the purchase (only the main body)
Package contents
Rocking chair, AC adaptor, Removable stopper, Hex wrench

*This product needs to be assembled before use(Approximate assembly time: 5-10 minutes)

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